Monday, May 24, 2010

Color in My Life - Blessing #14

   Life is especially beautiful for me because I am blessed to be able to experience it in living color.  It would be just fine in black and white, but all the hues and tints of the different colors add so much.
   Since I was a child, color has had an influence on the many things I do:  clothing choices, fabric selection, picking out yarn, spinning fibers together, making post cards...the list goes on and on.  The feeling of these materials gliding through my fingers and across my hands is wonderful, but seeing and working with the colors sends me into a blissful state.  Mixing, matching, and coordinating colors is just the most fun in the world for me, and it never gets old or boring because each combination is unique.

   Working on my 100 Blessings Sampler has brought back to the forefront how much I enjoy working with color, but it is also having a profound effect upon me in how I view my life.  It’s making me stop and think in depth about things, how blessed i am, and what I need to do to make the most of these blessings.  I need to slow down, take time to smell the roses, take my one and only life off remote control, and savor each and every moment I have left here on this earth.

  Color in my life is Blessing #13.

"In our lives there is the simple colour, as on the artists palatte, which provides the meaning of life and art.  It is the colour of love."
~Marc Chagall


Paula said...

I love your quotes. . . oh, and your squares.

Genie Robinson said...

Thanks, make my day! Hugs Genie

tongfengdemao said...

I like this square. Fits my feelings, too.