Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blessing #15 - My Wonderful Family

Where would I be today without my family: my husband, my three wonderful children and their spouses, and my six precious grandchildren.  Bud and I + the 3 children are on the top row, their spouses on the 2nd row, and the grandchildren are on the bottom, I cannot imagine my life without them even though they are scattered from Washington state to Maryland and Virginia. I can’t even begin to imagine my life in this old house all alone.  I miss having the them nearby, but I reared them to have minds of their own and to go out and make their little niches in the world, so for that I have to happily pay the price of not having them close by.  Thank heavens for the invention of the telephone, the computer with the little camera built into it,  pictures, and emails.  Tomorrow I am off to my eldest grandson’s high school graduation so that is going to be very exciting.  I will miss all of you this holiday weekend,  but I’ll continue working on my squares while I am out of town.  Happy Memorial Day to all of you.


creation said...

hi Genie,
lovely block,
that makes me think ,one day i will too have grand children,wooow.
congratullations on your eldest grand son'e graduation.may our dear Lord bless him and make him a sucess in what ever he does and give him faith ,wisdom and peace thru the way,
thankx for wishing for us to be there.
I will pary for you and you family.
have a familyfilled weekend dear.

Genie Robinson said...

Rachana.....I am getting ready to leave right now. I do not like driving at my age on the Memorial Day Weekend, but I never speed and do NOT talk on a cell phone. I do not want to hurt myself or anyone else. Thanks for the sweet note....I always think of you as I am driving over the back roads after work when I see the cows.....I can see the photo you have on your blog in my mind. Love you....Genie

Hey Jude said...

What a cute idea. Very creative and sweet!