Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blessing #20 - Our Home

     Considering the financial situation we all are finding ourselves in these days, the ability to own or to buy one’s home is indeed a blessing. My family is one of those fortunate ones who has been able to keep the homeplace by continuing to work hard at our jobs and to successfully make it from day to day without the fear of losing it. So many of those in our area have not been so lucky.  Our farmhouse is over a hundred years old, has had 3 owners since it was built, is nothing fancy, but it is our “home sweet home" where we reared three wonderful children along with all kinds of pets. It is made of wood over which we have put siding for warmth, has a green tin roof which is great when it rains, and sits back across an old wooden bridge overlooking a babbling creek which carries just the perfect amount of water. All the time the children were growing up we had spring water, but about 10 years ago we finally dug a well...what a treat to have never ending water.  The house sits back against a BIG hill and is surrounded on all sides by a total of 10 acres. We have never actually farmed the land other than planting lots of victory gardens, but have let our neighbors cut and bail the hay from our fields for their cattle. There is an old working barn on the property and two other usable outbuildings.  Sadly, the owners before us knocked down the old springhouse which is a shame, but the water trough is still standing to remind us of what once was. At one time the old highway crossed the creek and ran right in front of the house - back in the house and buggy years - but that is no longer the case as the new road sits out across the bridge and a good ways from our front porch and our purple front door. It has 10 funky old rooms, not many closets, 3 chimneys and 2 fireplaces, NO usable attic and NO basement, a wonderful front porch held up by white columns overlooking the creek, and a two story deck we added on the back which abuts the hill behind.  Fortunately, by the time we bought it there was indoor plumbing, and since then we have added on a wonderful huge handicapped friendly bathroom just in case one of us needs it in the future.  Warm, cozy, and comfortable are the best words I can think of to describe it... but that tells only part of the story.

     A home is basically a structure: large or small, attractive or not so attractive, neat or messy on the inside, well kept or pretty rough looking on the outside. What goes on within the walls is what changes it from just being a place to eat and sleep to that special place where family actually lives life to its fullest, loving one another, and watching generations grow and prosper as a caring group of related people. It is not the physical plant that makes a house a home but rather the people who live inside and how they conduct their lives. We love ours as do our children and grandchildren.  It is a safe haven away from the trials and tribulations of our fast paced, stressful world.  It is quiet and peaceful, a beautiful place to start the day serenely with the sun’s rising, the birds’ singing, and the frogs croaking. In the evenings it is the spot we return to tired, but oh, so happy to walk through its door and into the santity of its hallowed walls. After having lived our lives that in the best way we could, we can now return home to the peace and solace that our yard and four walls offer us.  We love our old house, our land, and all of natures flora and fauna with which we share it.  It’s a lovely spot nestled in the Blue Ridgie Mountains of Virginia where we plan to live out the rest our lives.  Yes, we are among the fortunate ones to have a wonderful home, a wonderful family, and happy, fulfilled lives...31 memorable years we’ve spent here on this property and are still counting.  Our home and what it gives to us is Blessing #20.

“A house is made of walls and beams; a home is made of love and dreams.”
~Author Unknown


Cherry Chick said...

Ahhhh....That sounds so lovely. Any house pictures to share?
My house was built in 1928 but it has been updated. I've lived in it for 26 years now.

Genie Robinson said...

Yep....I am trying to find the one with the horse and buggy in front, but, of course, I cannot put my hands on it!!! So what;s new? I will put together a mosaic and post it on Buttons.....hugs, working on my 1st ME.

tongfengdemao said...

Your house and home sound just wonderful. It reminded me of my dad's family farm. It was in our family from 1812 until 1991 (a few years after my dad died and my mom couldn't keep it up any longer). I don't think the house was that old, but it was at least 100 years old when my parents lived there -- at least the main part of it. Funky rooms and no closets sound about right. It didn't have a purple door, though. :^D

Genie Robinson said...

D....I know how special old homeplaces are. A few years back I flew to Alabama to a Crenshaw Family Reunion and saw for the first time the old homeplaces and burial sites of my mother’s ancestors and mine. It was like stepping through the wardrobe door in "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” and going back in time. I will never forget the experience. I LOVE genealogy and anything that is old and carries with it a history of the past.

creation said...

hi Genie,
you home and sound beautiful.
the describtion of the settings in and around youe home is just like dream sounds so lovely that i could actually picture it.
looking forward to see the mosaic of your home.
I always dremt of having a home sat near a lovely water body .our home is not so old ,my grand paa's place is surely historic as such ,we have different pattern of architecture here in India ,rarely any basements or attic .we have atleast basement ,with a nice small library.

Genie Robinson said...

Rachana....When the children left the nest years ago, Buddy and I turned in one of the larger room upstairs into a library. Then, when we put the deck on the back, we built steps going from the lower level up to that room. Then we cut in a door from that library out onto the upper deck, and it is dreamy....lovely views/ Tomorrow we are going to take up our comfy chairs so we can sit and look out at the is very quiet and secluded up there.....I LOVE IT! Hugs, Genie