Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blessing #19 - Mr Mac...My Computer, That Is!

   Without my silver-with-a-big-white-apple-on-the-top MacBook Pro, I would probably be O.K. Sure, I could survive without him just like those less fortunate than I manage to do, but my life certainly would be different. I have a name for him just like I have for my flip flops....Mr. Mac. Here is my “Big Ten List” of the ways my sidekick helps me out day after day.

   1. He provides me with hours of pleasure in the form of fun and games....especially my favorite, be more exact...Fairway Solitaire.  I have been playing that game since I was a child, and that was a LONG time ago.
   2.  He offers me a never ending and constantly updated flow of news and information about the world and other interesting people and things.
   3.  Since people - and that includes my own family - seem to have forgotten how to create handwritten notes, he let me use his facilities to send and receive emails.
   4.  Being so brilliant, he can correct my spelling, edit my grammar, define words I do not know, and even find quotations for me to use in my blog.
   5.  His “secret camera” makes it possible for me to see and talk to my little granddaughter and other friends and family at the same time. That really is amazing!
   6.  Knowing full well how forgetful I am and having a great calendar in his head, he NEVER forgets to remind me of important dates and appointments I need to keep.
   7.  Whenever I’m ready to start a new quilting, knitting, or sewing project, he takes me right to the perfect pattern I want to use....and that is WITHOUT having leave the house or buying a book.  He’s been working hard trying to teach me how to be a frugal shopper.
   8.  If I ask him nicely, he will let me use him as a movie theater so I can watch my favorite old movies or TV shows I!!!!! That is something else!
   9.  Once paying the charges for him to leave the birthing room and come home wit me, his mother, he hasn’t cost me a cent other than the expense of his health insurance policy.  I am fortunate in that I found a full coverage insurance policy with an excellent health insurance company - Apple Care.
  10.  Finally, he is always there for me rain or shine, night or day.  He never complains, though if I don’t give him enough “juice” on a daily basis, he runs down and feels pretty poorly. If he get too thirsty, he can’t even do anything. He’s exactly how Bill Gates described matter how much I stuff into him, he doesn’t get any bigger or heavier. I think he really loves me, and I certainly love him!

Now, you all know why Mr. Mac is my Blessing #19.

“Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.”
~John Fitzgerald Kennedy


creation said...

Dear Genie,
I completely agree with what you have said for Mr.Mac.
I Hvae Ms.Princess ,thats what my dear friend Uttara named mY laptop when she first saw her.she is a bright queen red Dell .
and yes they are blessing s as I too could see my dear ones and talk at the same time without paying much .specially watching my little nephew growing naughter each day is fun.
ohhh how much i miss them.

tongfengdemao said...

I have a nice desktop Dell, so I can't take it with me, but I share a lot of reasons for it also being a blessing. I hadn't thought of it, though. DUH!!


Genie Robinson said...

Faith....go to my other to see the entry I made on the little itsy-bitsy Acer Notebook I just is so LIGHT...amazing...and works great. Can carry it around in my purse. Genie