Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blessing #17 - My Flip Flops

  For those of you who have “bad” feet, you’ll understand why I consider my flip flops - also known as my FF’s -  to be a blessing in my life.  I have weird feet with long toes and very big and painful bunions.  When I was growing up in south Florida, it was the order of the day to wear Capezio’s...not the ballet shoe ones, but the leather ones with the super dooper pointed toes that cut across and put lots of pressure on the big toe joints.  NOT GOOD, and as an adult I am paying the price for wanting to follow the flow and “be in style."  Putting my toes into regular flats is pure agony, but there are those cold months that give me no choice but to get a grip, put them on,  and just go on with life.  Never do I wear even the lowest high heels....I cannot stand the discomfort. I either go barefooted in the house or put on the flip flops, and once spring arrives I breathe a sigh of relief, put the leather away, and bring out my collection of FF’s.  The pain goes away...oh, happy day!  They are relatively cheap and come in all sorts of neat prints and bright solids which makes it fun.  Oh, my goodness....the old feet love the FF’s just as I do.  They are absolutely the best!  This choice is indisputable in my funky flip flops have to be my Blessing #17. 

"Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out."
~Iris Murdoch


Debbie @ said...

This is a great post. Love your flip you stitched them is great. I understand the feet thing. My feet give me agony just when walking...I hate that. But I can relate to your post.

creation said...

Dear Genie,
a big hug to you.
hmmmm.... its a nice feeling to be missed by special friends like you.
i love your flipflops ,that are really cute lokking .I can understand the relief they give when our feet gets tired.As i work on ICU and some times in operation theatre ,the long operrating hours and working hours are killing to my feet specially mu calf muscles they pain a lot so .i recue comes from my work place flipflops.i love them too and indeed they are a blessing .
how was your grand son's graduation day.
seems you had great fun with your family.and i can picture a pair of proud grand parents ,standing next to their eldest grand son ,in the special picture.
have a good weekend

Genie Robinson said...

Debbie and Rachana....was so happy to read your posts this morning and to know there are others out there that can relate to the FF joy.....I cannot even begin to think about how tired it is standing all day under stress in ICU....take care, my friends, and have a nice weekend...hope you are OFF duty, Rachana. Love you....Genie

dawnkristine said...

I love your flip flops! I too like FF season!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Genie! "Collection of flip flops", you say?! Why I have quite a collection of them too! I haven't taken a count of them yet, but you've got me wondering! ha! ha!... LOVE how CUTE your stitched flip flops came out, and hope you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina

tongfengdemao said...

That's an adorable block! Don't care for flip flops myself. I don't like anything between my toes. But barefoot I totally understand.


Genie Robinson said...

Bare feet are my choice,too, but living in the country is just a bit too hard on them. In Florida it worked perfectly...too bad...FF's were my only replacement choice. Genie