Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blessing #30 - My Shade Tree

What is an OLD farmhouse in the country without a creek and a BIG shade tree.  It is one of the joys of my life and definitely a blessing.  Over the 32 years I have lived here, it has grown and grown and grown.  When it rains, its lower branches touch the ground as I have shown in pictures I’ve posted in the past on my "Buttons for Baga" blog. That tree is absolutely amazing.  The birds and the bees love it, and Buddy and I love it.  It is the centerpiece of our front yard.

“The trees are GOD’S great alphabet:
  With them He writes in shining green
  Across the world His thoughts serene.”
~Leonora Speyer


creation said...

hi Genie,
how are you doing ,
your both trees look green and shiny ,and i love green .
wish you and your family many merry times under and around the shade tree.
thnakx for visiting me and for your encouragement too.

Genie Robinson said...

Oh, happy day....I got to hear from you again. Hi, there. I so wish you lived close by. Know you are so busy. I just finished another block about my “hats” and will post it later on tonight or in the morning. Dont work too hard, and try to save a little quality quiet time for yourself and your art.

Love you,

Mary said...

I sure like all the same blessings you do! I once wrote an essay about the shade trees in my front yard...a large Ash, an Oak and a Maple. They bring me so much pleasure.